Incomplete Triplex in Bahamia

PRICE TO SELL - Incomplete Triplex With Approved Plans
This Triplex is located in Bahamia on the Gulf Course. The building is incomplete and being sold with approved plans. The building has 1-2 bedroom which is roughly 1000 sq. ft., unit has 2 baths and 2-1 bedroom which is roughly 720 sq. ft with 1 bath. Full utilities and water is in place. The building is at 'Footer Level', Cespit is in place and first course of plumbing is competed. this is a great income producing property and is ready to be completed to your likings.


Approved plans
Footers in place
One 2 bedroom unit
Two 1 bedroom units
Ina Simmons
Price: $35,000 ID# 7862 View online
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