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Property In Lucayan Estates, Grand Bahama - Lucaya Estates Lot

Lucaya Estates Lot
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Helena Parotti - Burrows
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1 Acre
Grand Bahama

Summary of this Grand Bahama Real Estate:

Lot 41 - 1 acre This Lucaya Estates lot is priced at $7000 each..(read more)

Details of this Bahamas Vacant Land on Grand Bahama

By Helena Parotti - Burrows
Lot 41 - 1 acre This Lucaya Estates lot is priced at $7000 each.

Features of this Grand Bahama Property

Price: $7,000
Status: Active
Rental Term: n/a
Address: Kendleston Avenue
Subdivision: Lucayan Estates
City: Freeport
Unit: 2
Block: 21
Lot: 41
Latitude: 26.600587
Longitude: -78.597843
Lot Size: 1 Acre
Zoning: Single Family

Special Highlights for this Bahamas Vacant Land

Location of this Grand Bahama Property

More visitor information on Grand Bahama

Grand Bahama is the fourth largest island in the Bahamas chain and is the closest one to the United States, situated only 56 miles off the state of Florida. There is something for everyone to enjoy on the island of Grand Bahama with its historical appeal, activities, attractions and many natural wonders to explore.

Freeport is the hub of Grand Bahama and is a thriving busy business center with excellent opportunities, great real estate and amenities. Freeport is a tax free zone which has encouraged many overseas and local businesses to set up and this in turn has created countless opportunities for employment.

Grand Bahama is the perfect island to re-locate to for those looking for work and new business opportunities but who also want to live in the luxurious Caribbean enjoying the beautiful year round weather. Grand Bahama is described as a complete vacation destination with many historical treasures, activities and watersports on offer. The nightlife is also great with plenty of restaurants, bars and nightclubs to choose from, both in the main towns and in the quieter locations around the island.

The earliest known settlers were called the Siboney Indians who inhabited the islands 7,000 years ago and were simple people who lived off the sea, however they disappeared from the island when the Lucayan arrived. The Lucayans were a tribe who migrated to Grand Bahama from South Americas Amazon and when Christopher Columbus first sailed past the island there were an estimated 40,000 living on the island. When the Spanish claimed the island in 1492, the Lucayans were enslaved and transported to work in the gold mines of Hispania and Cuba. It was at this time the island gained the name of Gran Bajamar meaning great shallows. Great Britian claimed the island in 1670 after British colonists left Bermuda for the island of Eleuthera seeking Religious independence, as more followed so did pirates and privateers such as Blackbeard. The population of Grand Bahama remained very small up until the beginning of the American civil war in the mid 19th century, the population doubled almost over night with people flocking to the island in search of safety. Today the island is a thriving business and tourist centre with excellent opportunities, fantastic vacation rentals and perfect weather.

Tourist and home buyers choose Grand Bahama due to the amenities equal to that of their own homeland. Property is available in both cost affordable and luxury style home throughout the island.