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Grand Bahama is one of the most popular destinations for people wanting to relocate! The island offers some of the best living and working conditions in the world not to mention freedom from taxes and duties! There are plenty of employment opportunities in Freeport and all residents benefit from the great amenities without all the stress a typical city would bring. Grand Bahama offers relaxed island living with great activities, beaches and the perfect blend of work and family life. Many people come here searching for their dream property so they can enjoy their vacations here or live permanently on this wonderful island. Abaco is a quieter island but is still a fast growing community and real estate has developed into a key industry here. The island is perfect for those wanting a peaceful laid-back lifestyle in beautiful surroundings.

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Berry Island Villa The Bimini and Berry Islands are situated in the Bahamas, stunning islands with beautiful year round weather and wonderful beaches. There are many activities on the islands and they are well known for their excellent bone fishing and deep sea fishing. Many people choose these islands as vacation destinations each year for a relaxing and interesting time away from their every day lives. Real estate opportunities are of plenty on the islands and many people choose to purchase their new dream home here either as a vacation retreat or to live permanently to enjoy island life every day.

Search Complete List of Properties for Sale on Andros, Eleuthera and Harbour Island

Terrace View to Caribbean on Andros These islands attract many visitors each year, most are looking for a Caribbean paradise to spend days in the sun on stunning white sand beaches. These islands are little gems in the Bahamas and all have their own unique qualities just waiting for you to explore. The islands are perfect for anybody looking for a relaxed laid back lifestyle and great outdoor activities such as diving, snorkeling fishing and more. You can enjoy life with the family outdoors in a way you have never been able to before enjoying things such as swimming in the warm shallow waters, picnics on secluded beaches and even camping safaris! If you are in search of a new property for either a vacation of permanent home, you are sure to find what you are looking for from the extensive choice here. Sarles Realty has luxury properties right down to simple homes, all with stunning views of the islands.

Search Complete List of Properties for Sale on Nassau, Paradise and Long Island

Villa at Night on Nassau Although these islands are all in the same proximity in the Bahamas, you will see they are all very different from one another. Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas and many people move here permanently to live and work while also being able to enjoy the wonderful beaches. Paradise Island is linked to Nassau via 2 bridges and is home to the famous Atlantis Resort. It is a privately owned island and a popular destination for tourists and has been developed to accommodate them. Long island is the perfect vacation retreat having stunning beaches, scenery, activities and tours with many people purchasing property here to enjoy the laid-back lifestyle on their vacations or as a their new full time home. Rose island is a small island retreat which is perfect if you want to get away from it all and enjoy complete relaxation. The is basically a nature reserve and is privately owned.

Search Complete List of Properties for Sale on Cat, Exuma and Crooked Island

Large Cat Island Villa Cat Island, The Exumas and Crooked Island are all wonderful islands in the Bahamas. All are very relaxing tranquil islands which are perfect for vacations on the beautiful beaches, enjoying water-sports and exploring the fascinating caves and historical sites such as the cotton plantation ruins and even an Amerindian campsite! Many people come to the islands in search of their dream home so that they may visit for a vacation or relocate to enjoy the wonderful surroundings every day. You can choose from amazing luxury family homes with private pools and stunning views or if you need something smaller, there are single family homes and condos to choose from. You are sure to find the perfect property for you and your family on one of these wonderful islands!

Grand Bahama and its surrounding islands offer tourist and home buyers a special way of life - peace, relaxation, entertainment and an easy lifestyle sought after by many. With many islands offering property and homes for sale, the buyer is sure to find the exact property they are looking for. The Bahama Islands have various types and styles of homes for sale from luxurious villas having beach frontage and private pools to smaller family size condos. Vacant lots are also available for those wishing to design and build their own dream property in the Bahamas. It is always suggested that when buying property in a foreign country to use the services of a reputable real estate agent. Sarles Realty is on hand to assist you in every way to insure a safe and stress-free purchase of your new home. Browse through the over 1,000 properties for sale in the Bahama Islands offered through Coldwell Banker Sarles Realty as we are sure you will find exactly what you are dreaming of!

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