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Map of Grand Bahama Island

Medical Care

There are many qualified doctors and health care professionals on the island. The principal hospital is the government operated Rand Memorial Hospital, centrally located downtown. There are also several high-standard private clinics: Sunrise Medical, Lucayan Medical Centres East and West, and the Holistic Health World, plus an internationally recognized immunology cancer clinic.

Emergency ambulance service is available by dialing 911 or 919. If intensive emergency care should ever be required. Grand Bahama is only 70 miles from the coast of South Floridaa quick and easy charter or air-ambulance ride to some of the best known medical institutions in the world: The University of Miami, Jackson Memorial, Cedars of Lebanon, Bascolm Palmer, Ft. Lauderdale's Holy Cross Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, the Florida Heart Institute, and Good Samaritan Medical Center in West Palm Beach.

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