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Why to Buy Bahamas Real Estate

Sparkling blue water and white sandy beaches are two of the main reasons to choose BAHAMAS REAL ESTATE, as either a second home, vacation home or simply an investment. What makes Grand Bahama Island real estate an ideal choice is beyond compare, location, property values, a warm small town community with international flair, and a pristine natural environment.

Only 68 miles from the coast of South Florida and you can call a piece of Freeport Real Estate home, getting you away from it all without traveling too far. The island's modern communications and utilities as well as international access with its new aiport will give you the confidence in purchasing a beach front Bahama villa. Activities such as golf, boating and an abundance of water sports give second homeowners both the convenience and quality of life that are rare to find in one location. The island also boasts room for thoughtfully designed development growth, and property values that have remained steady through changing times making a Bahama home as a sound investment.