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Map of Barbados Cat Island, Exuma and Crooked island are all located within the Bahamas having their own unique charm and attractions together with beautiful white sandy beaches, warm clear waters and excellent weather all year round. These islands are very popular vacation destinations for anybody looking for stunning natural beauty, exciting water-sports and of course complete relaxation just as you would expect from the Bahamas. Each year a high percentage of these vacationers choose to purchase a second home as a vacation home while others fall in love with the islands and choose to purchase their very own piece of real estate for relocation purposes so that they can enjoy the benefits of island life all year round. The islands offer a wide range of real estate from large family homes to small residences that are perfect for vacation getaways. From unspoiled and untainted landscapes to beautiful beaches and great activities and tours, these islands have everything needed for the perfect vacation or new home and its all just waiting for you to discover!

If you are considering purchasing your dream home on one of these islands, you will definitely not be disappointed with what you find when you arrive. The choice of real estate is extensive and luxurious, whether you are looking for a large family home with private pool, stunning views and all the luxury extras you have always dreamed of, or are looking for a smaller family home or condo overlooking the beautiful beaches or diverse landscape, you will find it all here. If you have your dream home in mind and cannot find exactly what you are looking for from the range of properties on offer, fear not, we also have plenty of vacant land enabling you to design and build your new home to your exact specifications. Here at Coldwell Banker Sarles Realty we are committed to assisting each and every customer to find the best option for them and are on hand to answer any questions no matter how big or small.

There are many reasons people choose to move to the Bahamas, not least the beautiful weather, beaches and the slower more relaxed pace of island life. If you are looking to begin a new life here you may want a little more information on the area.

Why buyers choose Exuma, Cat and Crooked Islands property:

  • Cat Island
  • Cat Island Villa with Beach Views Many people choose to visit Cat Island as it is untainted by tourism and offers visitors stunning weather, wonderful pink sandy beaches, historic sites, excellent diving and activities. Cat Island is only 48 miles long and 4 miles wide, yet it offers plenty to see and do. You can visit cotton plantation ruins that are scattered around the island, see an Amerindian campsite or enjoy scuba diving exploring the underwater world! This beautiful, largely undeveloped island is a great place to purchase your dream home to relocate to if you are looking for complete relaxation and a tranquil stress free lifestyle with wonderful weather all year round.

  • Exuma and Exuma Cays
  • Exuma Island and the Exuma Cays Exuma is one of the "Out Islands" of the Bahamas and its unique old world charm in which life remains as it was decades ago attracts many visitors each year searching for the perfect vacation destination. Exuma has some of the friendliest people you will ever meet and ready to greet you when you arrive. They welcome each and every visitor and new resident into their community with a big smile. This island is the perfect place to purchase either a vacation property or relocate permanently to if you are looking for the perfect blend of relaxation, beauty and activities and you will find some of the most beautiful examples of real estate in the Bahamas here. If you are looking to move to Exuma or Exuma Cays and work, there are plenty of opportunities with the development of several resorts underway.

  • Crooked Island
  • Crooked Island This quiet remote island has the feel of being far away from civilization which is one of the reasons it is so popular with visitors looking for a relaxing vacation. Even though the island is quiet there are still plenty of opportunities for excitement and while you are being welcomed and indulged by the friendly locals you will find yourself forgetting all about your everyday life. Days can be spent discovering amazing sights, relaxing on the undisturbed sandy beaches, exploring limestone caves to cotton plantations and much more. This is the perfect place to purchase your new home if you are planning to relocate for a complete change of life full of relaxation and beauty.

Facts about Exuma, Cat and Crooked Islands

Cat Island information and facts:
  • Population - The population of Cat Island is around 1,647 according to the 2000 census.
  • Island Size - The island is 48 miles long and just 4 miles wide.
  • Mount Alvernia - This mountain is the nations highest point at 206ft and is situated on Cat Island.
  • Name - The island is said to have got the name Cat after the pirate Arthur Catt, who used to make frequent stops here.
  • Location - Cat Island is located around 130 miles southeast of Nassau and Paradise island near to the tropic of Cancer.
Exuma information and facts:
  • Size - Exuma consists of over 360 islands (Cays), the largest of which is Grand Exuma at 37 miles long.
  • Population - The population of Exuma is around 7,314 as of 2010 and between the years of 2000 and 2010 the population more than doubled, which was a reflection of the development of resorts.
  • Location - The group of islands and cays begin just 35 miles southeast of Nassau.
  • Areas - The Exumas are divided into 3 major sections: Great Exuma, Little Exuma and the Exuma Cays.
  • Exuma Cays - Many of these islands are tiny with small beaches and a few trees while others have rocky cliffs or high green hills. Many of the cays are private and each one is stunning.
Crooked Island information and facts:
  • Population - The population of the island was estimated to be 600 in 2009.
  • Location - The island is part of a group of Bahamian islands defining a large shallow lagoon called the Bight of Acklins.
  • Industry - The island used to have thriving cotton and sponge industries, today the inhabitants live by fishing and small scale farming.
  • Main Town - The main town in the group of islands is Colonel Hill located on Crooked Island.

Dining and entertainment information on Exuma, Cat and Crooked Islands

Noted Restaurants and Night Time Venues on Cat Island

    Bahamian Food on Cat Island
  1. Boggie Pond Lodge Restaurant and Bar - This family owned restaurant will make you feel as though you are in a traditional Bahamian kitchen when you take in the smells as you enter. You can enjoy mouth-watering traditional Bahamian dishes with local seafood.
  2. Hawk's Nest Resort Restaurant - Offering one of the most extensive menus on the island, you can enjoy delicacies such as Bahamian bread, seasonal fruits and grilled local Bahamian catch of the day.
  3. Blue Bird Restaurant and Bar - Located at the foot of Mount Alvernia, this beautiful restaurant offers locals and visitors fried chicken, seafood and its signature Blue Bird drink. Rake 'n scrape music and dancing continues into the night!
  4. Bridge Inn Restaurant and Lounge - This restaurant serves delicious Bahamian and American cuisine and on a Friday and Saturday you can join in with the dancing to the local rake 'n scrape band, Fealy and the Boneshakers.

Noted Restaurants and Night Time Venues on Exuma Island & Exuma Cays

    Food and Fun on Exuma Island
  1. Chat 'N' Chill - This has been rated the No.1 restaurant in Exuma. The beach bar and grill is perfect for a casual evening enjoying the authentic laid-back atmosphere and mouthwatering dishes such as conch salad, conch burger and other grilled native foods.
  2. Shoreline Restaurant - Enjoy tasty Bahamian dishes while being surrounded by one of the most stunning harbors in the Bahamas, the restaurant serves Bahamian and American dishes.
  3. Club Peace and Plenty - Visit on a Friday evening to experience local bands and dancing.
  4. Two Turtles Inn - This is the home of Exumas largest Super Bowl Party and is open for lunch and dinner as well as great entertainment on most nights including live bands, karaoke, and game night.

Noted Restaurants and Night Time Venues on Crooked Island

    Bahamian Food on Crooked Island
  1. Nai's Restaurant and Bar - This charming restaurant offers a mouthwatering menu of Bahamian dishes such as fish and steamed conch and you will usually find the locals enjoying a game or dominoes or pool.
  2. Tabaron's - This restaurants specializes in delicious dishes such as grilled conch, lobster and conchy conch fritters.
  3. Club Rolle-X - If you want music and games, this venue, situated on North Acklins Island, is well worth a visit. You can enjoy being entertained with a variety of different music and games such as billiards and dominoes.

Weather on Exuma, Cat and Crooked Islands

The weather on these three islands is just as you would expect from the Bahamas, beautiful all year round, so there is never really a bad time to visit and look for your new property in the Caribbean. The trade winds that blow almost continually all year round provide the Bahamas with a warm climate which hardly changes at any time of the year. The time between September and May is a very nice time of the year to explore the islands with temperatures that hover around 21-24 degrees centigrade. The rest of the year is a little warmer with higher humidity and temperatures ranging from 27-29 degrees centigrade. The rainy season in the Bahamas is from May to October although the rain never lasts very long and is usually followed by clear blue skies immediately after. The islands are pretty much warm and sunny all year round and are wonderful to spend vacations or to enjoy taking life easy and living on the island full time in your new property.

Travel to and around Exuma, Cat and Crooked Islands

Cat island has two airports - Arthurs Town and New Bight Airport. The Exumas are served by just one airport, Exuma International Airport and Crooked island has one airport, Crooked Island Airport. All airports have frequent chartered and scheduled flights for both international and domestic destinations. There is also a sea service via mailboats once a week which can be a great way to experience more of the Bahamas and Bahamas ferries if you are in the Exumas. While you are on the islands and want to get around to explore, the first choice would be to rent a car and will find many companies for car rental dotted around the islands. If you want to leave the driving to someone else while you are on vacation, you will find plenty of taxis and for something different you can rent scooters if you are staying on the Exumas. If you want to visit nearby Acklins island and Long Cay there is a ferry service from Crooked Island.

How buying through a reputable estate agent helps?

Once you have made the decision to purchase a home on one of these stunning islands, you will need to ensure that you use a reputable and reliable Real Estate Agent. There are many different rules and laws involved when purchasing a property and while some may be similar to the US, it is always best to get the correct information from your Realtor. Here at Coldwell Banker Sarles Realty we have the knowledge and experience to assist you in each and every step of the purchasing process. So when you are considering making a purchase on one of our beautiful islands don't hesitate to contact us as soon as you arrive.

The Cat islands, Exuma and Exuma Cays and Crooked Island are all beautiful tranquil islands situated in the Bahamas. They are perfect for wonderful family vacations and to live on if you are looking for a complete change in pace of life. These laid back islands are filled with beautiful sandy beaches, warm crystal clear waters, great activities and tours, beautiful scenery and of course incredibly friendly locals who welcome every visitor and new resident into their community with open arms and a big smile! There are many people choosing to purchase their dream home on these islands each year either for vacation purposes or to relocate permanently in one of the many villas or beachfront property for sale. You really will forget all the stresses and strains of normal life as soon as you arrive on these islands and you will not regret the decision to purchase a home here. If you are interested in water-sports, fishing, relaxation, and enjoying a peaceful life these Bahamas islands are definitely for you!

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