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Map of Grand Bahama Island

Food, Shopping and the Cost of Living

There are three full-service grocery stores on the island, plus a number of local convenience markets. In addition, there is a wonderful gourmet specialty food store and deli, plus two wholesale grocers with bulk fluid items, so you can expect to find anything you're looking for, although it may take a few stops, rather than finding everything all in one mega-store. It's a little like treasure hunting, looking for the best values at each shop, and learning the local schedules as to when produce is delivered, and knowing when most of the shelf stocking is done. The main grocery shops are open Monday through Saturday, and from 7:00-10:00 am on Sunday mornings, so last minute items can be picked up while still getting to church services on time!

You can expect to pay a little bit more when you fill up your shopping cart at the grocery store. With the exception of some local poultry and produce, most goods are shipped in from the United States, and the added cost of shipping and import duties (around 35% for household items) adds to the price you pay. Some of this additional expense is offset by the fact that you are not paying a sales tax at the checkout counter, as you would in the United States.

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