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Map of Grand Bahama Island


In addition to the government's public schools, there are also a significant number of private schools, most of which are administered through various religious affiliations, such as Sunland Baptist Academy, Freeport Anglican High School, Catholic High School, St. Paul's Methodist College, and Mary Star of the Sea.

Of special note on the island is the Lucaya International School, which focuses on providing children from preschool to grade 12 with an international style of education, incorporating the best aspects of European and American education practices, and preparing them to excel in any advanced academic program around the world. Accredited by the prestigious European Council of International Schools, Lucaya International School includes a rich diversity of nationalities and cultures from around the world, including Bahamians, who make up over 50% of the student population. The cosmopolitan nature of the school is not limited to the students. The faculty comprises teachers from as far away as Australia and the Netherlands, all with international qualifications and teaching experience, and all with a strong commitment to keeping local Bahamian culture, history and geography an intricate part of the school's broad-based, universal approach to education.

There are also schools on the island with specialized curriculums and programmes for students with special needs, such as The Beacon School and the Centre for the Deaf. There are also a number of vocational and career-training colleges and technical schools, as well as a local campus of the College of The Bahamas.